Kaine breaks 5,500 views for A Crisis of Faith on YouTube!

The bands official upload of the album has now broken 5,500 views on YouTube since it was released in February. We thank everyone who has checked the album out there so far, and to those who have shared and supported the album since it’s release.

You can listen to the album on various formats below (and more!), and purchase the album for £3 on bandcamp.

Bandcamp https://goo.gl/9kNUCk
Spotify https://goo.gl/UV87jT
iTunes https://goo.gl/XjDkQQ
Apple Music https://goo.gl/mLvjHb
Google Play Music https://goo.gl/mM454T
Amazon.com https://goo.gl/fSRQME
YouTube https://goo.gl/JCuGhN
Facebook https://goo.gl/GRDwMW