Rebuilding the band now will be my greatest challenge in music yet – Rage Sadler


I just thought I would post an update following last nights shock news that both Saxon and Stevo are leaving the band, especially so soon after Chris. I hadn’t expected that after just 3 months I’d be looking at effectively having to start the band over again so quickly after a new album.

Me and Liam have briefly spoken, as he’s in as much shock as I am, and we have agreed to continue the band with a new line up. I will be doing an official release about looking for new members and the previous line-up when I have had more time to process everything. What I will say (as I have had a few messages about it) is there are no personal issues between any of the former band members.

Rebuilding this band now, to the position as to where it was at, say, at the start of the year will be my greatest challenge yet. It’s one thing to replace members as and when people leave, but another thing altogether to replace an entire band 9 years into it’s existence, and the reality is, it’s almost an impossible task. I have, however, been knocked back before in music and been able to continue. I need to get the right people in and look at the positives moving forward.

The sound and dynamic of the band will inevitably change with a new line-up, as it has done between all the different incarnations of Kaine over the years and this will be no different. New people bring different things to the table, so if you’re a lead guitarist or a bass player looking to take on a long term musical project with a serious band with an established audience please do get in touch with me either via or facebook.

I will endeavour to keep everyone as updated as possible and I appreciate every one of the messages last night and this morning offering your support. I’d like to be able to continue and I appreciate that have a mountain to climb on this, but I am more than up for the challenge moving forward.

Love, Rage