Stephen Ellis makes an official statement regarding his departure from Kaine


Stephen Ellis has posted his official leaving statement following lats nights announcement that he was leaving the band alongside Saxon Davids.

I thought I should post something regarding the reasons I left and the future.

First of all; RageChris and Saxman are still my best friends, that hasn’t changed. There was no fallout, I just felt that this time was right to go. I didn’t want to leave the band, financially and musically I am in the best condition I have been in years but Chris leaving was the catalyst. Despite Liam coming in and doing a fantastic job, I felt like the chemistry the 4 of us had was what drove the band forward the last few years. Then Saxon decided to leave due to personal reasons yesterday and it felt that even if I stayed it would not be the same band as before, without those 2 it would feel very alien. So Rage offered me a chance to walk as well, I took the offer.

I love what we accomplished these last few years, the last album was as good as it could have been. I thank the fans that have stayed with us and the ones we have made along the way, you have my eternal gratitude.

Looking to the future I look to hopefully continue music, Matt and I have a collab album coming out soon and I am looking at working with some fantastic musicians in the future. I am still playing all the dates with Kaine until they have found a replacement.

Good luck to Rage at continuing this band forward, I have never met someone with more passion for what they do than this man.

Thank you for everything, – Stevo

New drummer Liam Etheridge responded with the following statement.

After hearing the news late last night i still haven’t really gotten over the shock of it. I honestly never thought that either of them would leave, and i am truly gutted that they are. That being said, it’s been a real honour to play with them for the short time that i have been. Stephen and Saxon are 2 of the best musicians I’ve ever played with, and i look forward to whatever musical adventures they go onto next. Nothing but love for these guys, and i just wanna say thank you for the good times that we’ve had so far, and also thank you for the good times that will come at our remaining gigs together. I’ll be honest, I currently have no idea how Rage and i will be able to replace you, but these things happen in the music business, and i have every faith in Rage and I’m sure that we will be up and running again with a brand new lineup sooner rather than later. Let’s get out there and absolutely smash it out the park with the gigs we have left this year, starting with Stamford tomorrow night! -Liam