No pre-order or pledge packages for Reforge the Steel

SLR8 - Kaine - Broken 2 LOGO

There will be no pre-order process or packages for this album release. We’ll be taking the time to record it and make sure the release is the best it can possible be before making it available on general sale. This will mean that if there are any delays, people will not be waiting for orders to arrive and will also give us more flexibility in terms of physical releases for this record.

In the run up to A Crisis of Faith we offered a number of packages that included CD’s for £8, with a t-shirt for £13, and an elite package which included the vinyl, live album, CD, shirt, lyrics and more. We’ll be taking a different approach to the release this time.

The drums for the new album were recorded last week at Pointy Halo productions and we’ll resume work on the new album in the new year.

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