We are launching our biggest ever sale and reductions on Bandcamp Friday, on February 4th 2022. As many will know, Bandcamp Friday allows bands to keep 100% of their earnings so we can afford to go outrageously low. The reason for this is we need to raise some income to help finish off the last of the album work, from the artwork to printing the CD’s at the highest standard available and so on. Over the past 2 years we have been unable to play shows regularly, and thus have sold significantly less merchandise during that period.

We will also be listing items for sale you wouldn’t otherwise expect us to list in order to generate as much income on the day as possible to go towards the launch of the Kaine 5th album. This sale will be for 24 hours only on the 4th of February, many of the items are limited stock items which will not be printed again. Our bandcamp members will get a further 10% off all orders. You can join our Bandcamp here. Along with the 10% discount, you also get access to every piece of music we have released as well as a ton of exclusives.

Click here and then “follow” to be notified about the sale.

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