After Extinction will contain 9 new tracks and features the same line-up that wrote and recorded 2019’s Reforge The Steel, the first time that Kaine has had back-to-back records with the same line-up since the original band formed in 2009.

The official track listing for Kaine’s new album is as follows:

  1. The Second Coming (The Cycle)
  2. A Slave To The Grind
  3. The Storm Is Coming
  4. Protesting For Profit
  5. Left Behind
  6. New Age Martyr
  7. After Extinction
  8. Green To Grey
  9. Bright

An official pre-order date will be set soon. The album will be available on CD/Digital download. The album will be printed on industry standard, high-quality CDs and will be housed in a Super Jewell Case. This will also include a full lyric booklet. Click FOLLOW on the right hand side >> HERE << to be notified of when the pre-order goes live.