We are pleased to report that we are at the very final stages of mixing the new album and this should be completed by the weekend, with mastering to follow on shortly after. The immediate plan will be to put out several singles along with a pre-order at a much-reduced price to help recoup the losses from the album.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions over the last 2 years the record was recorded in several different studios and has had more engineers working on it than previous records, both in terms of recording, editing, mixing, and mastering including the band themselves. It has been a long and costly process putting together the record we started writing in 2019. We have been rehearsing (and even playing some of the songs live over the past 3 years) and began recording the bulk of it last year. We recognise this has been a long process and can only apologise it’s taken this long to put the new record out. As announced recently, we have a track listing, and this will prove to be one of our most varied releases yet.

Video by Dave Does

We are now focussing on finishing the two Patreon EP’s. The 2021 EP’s lyrics and vocals are being worked on, album art and EP name to be released not long after the new album, and Liam is currently writing the drum parts for the Falling Through Freedom EP, of which only the drums and vocals need to be recorded for. The new art and t-shirt for that released will also follow the new album.

The Track Listing

Rehearsals this week are postponed due to our gig supporting Planet Fatale and Desolation Angels at the Cart & Horses which is now close to selling out.