The artwork templates are with the printers for checking and all the tracks have been uploaded. As previously stated, these will again come in Super Jewell cases, including a full lyric booklet and the CDs will be printed to the highest industry standard. Once these are given the green light the printing will begin and then it’s just a case of getting the CDs shipped back so they can be sent out.

Unfortunately, the pre-orders did not cover the costs of the printing of the CDs, and we again had to borrow money to fund the difference in order to get these printed. Streaming numbers so far have been strong, but the revenue from these streams is paid out later down the line and wouldn’t cover the costs of the printing either.  This has meant we had a delay in paying for the printing to take place.

Due to the album being begun pre-covid, this has been our most expensive album to date having had many delays due to the pandemic. It was recorded between two studios and had more people work on it than our previous releases due to the nature of the restrictions we were under during 2020-21. This has meant that not only has it had to be delayed multiple times (along with both EPs) we have had to continue to borrow money to cover the substantial losses from the recording process and had to borrow more money to fund the tour back in August.

We can only apologise for the delays and problems we have had with all three releases.  We have not been helped by a challenging economic situation coupled with a decline in the sale of physical media such as CDs with streaming overtaking the market, which brings in very little revenue compared to physical media.  

We are always very honest about our position and will continue to be. The band is in a significant amount of debt having survived Covid with no gigs and is trying to recover from that period and get all of the promised releases finished this year so we can move on to 2023 with a clean slate. There is no label funding this band, and no management behind it. We are working on this on our own.