To celebrate the 4th anniversary of the reformation of Kaine with the current line-up, we are running a sale on all the CDs released by the band since then. This is to help raise funds for the band while we try and finish our new album and EP and remain on the road following two years of restrictions due to Covid-19 hurting the band’s finances significantly.

If you are yet to complete your collection of Kaine releases, this is a good opportunity to pick up items cheaply. Members get a further discount on all items.

Reforge The Steel – Collectors CD

This is a special edition of the album with bonus tracks, a full-colour lyric book, and comes in a Super Jewell case. The album was also remastered for this CD and differs from the original CD.

Sale Price: £10

Reforge The Steel Live CD

Recorded in late 2019 before the pandemic hit. This is a complete live recording of the album from the B2, Norwich which also includes tracks from A Crisis of Faith from that set. Only a limited number of these CDs remain.

Sale Price: £5

The Waystone EP

This includes 5 re-recordings and updated versions of tracks from our 2014 album The Waystone released to celebrate the anniversary of that release. Only a limited number of these CDs remain.

Sale Price: £5

Kaine EP

Recorded live at The Smokehouse, Ipswich at the end of 2020 and released in 202, this CD includes two versions of the EP and is only available in limited numbers.

Sale Price: £5

Kaine X DVD

This is a recording of our full set from the 10th-anniversary show at Colchester Arts Centre. The DVD was released to help support the costs of that show and is a very limited item. Each DVD comes with the tickets from the gig as well as a digital version of the live album from the same night.

Sale Price: £5

Reforge The Steel – Full-Colour Shirt

Sale Price: £10

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