Kaine live last week at the B2, Norwich

I thought it would be a good time to give an update on where we are at with the new Kaine album. To provide a little context to where we are with the new record, we actually started writing some of the material way back in 2019, while we were working on Reforge The Steel. The intention was at that time to have the album written and recorded with a 2020 release. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 outbreak, any further writing and recording sessions were difficult as we went in and out of lockdown and restrictions and rules were constantly changing. We did our best with it and managed to finish most of the writing for the album earlier this year.  

The band at recent rehearsals

In May this year we started tracking the album at last, and we are close to completing tracking now. This is a very different album to Reforge The Steel, it has a lot more Thrash and Speed Metal influences on this record and a larger contribution from the other members of the band who have written many of the songs and lyrics for this record. Reforge The Steel was written almost immediately after A Crisis of Faith and is the closest thing to a solo album I have done, purely due to the fact the guys were new to the band, and we had to turn around a new album to relaunch the band as quickly as possible.  

Another thing we have bene juggling is a new EP for our Patreon subscribers. This will be a CD exclusive to those backing us on the platform for £3 or more. This is also delayed for the same reasons as the album, however we are making good progress and have rehearsed and worked on 4 of the 5 songs solidly over the past few weeks while also recording the new album and playing shows at The Smokehouse in Ipswich and the B2 in Norwich. The 5 EP songs are again very different from what’s on the album and represent a heavier direction for the band.  

Kaine at the Smokehouse, Ipswich

We have some backing vocals still to record for the new album, potentially a few vocal over dubs, we have keys being performed by a soon to be announced guest, and we still need to finalize artwork for the record but the bulk is recorded.  The album still needs to be mixed, but there has been a change in the production team for this record with Wayne Thompson (Unit One Studio’s) tracking and making edits to the album, Talon Payne (Gallow Wood Media) tracking the vocal element and done further edits to the existing instrumental takes to the record, with the overall production now being handled by myself. This has resulted in a different tone and sound from the past two releases. The change has come about by the previous producer now being out of the music business. It also made sense for the band to stay in Essex while COVID-19 was still a major issue, allowing us to minimalize the risk and travel during the period. 

The summarise, the album will be out in the new year along with the new EP shortly after. There will be no pre-order for this record.  

As ever, thank you for your continued support.