I thought I would take a moment to thank everyone who came out and supported our event at Three Wise Monkeys, Colchester on Friday.

We were celebrating the 5th anniversary of this line-up of Kaine coming together and the event was a huge success thanks to your support. We sold out the venue while competing with Blur at Colchester Arts Centre, and Bloodstock’s Metal to the Masses happening just a few doors down.  This is a big achievement for us, and we hope to be back at some point after our tour supporting Chris Holmes (of W.A.S.P fame), and after I have had my shoulder surgery later this year.

Over the years we have been consistently told the scene is dead, nobody comes out and supports live Heavy Metal music unless it’s Metallica or Iron Maiden anymore, and there is no point in running gigs in places such as Colchester. As ever, Friday has again proven those people wrong. We will continue to prove them wrong and work hard to promote our events, Heavy Metal is alive and well, and the scene is thriving in the UK underground.

We recorded the set for a forthcoming live album, as well as having the footage recorded for YouTube and other streaming services to be uploaded at a later date.

The live-album track listing is:

  1. Bright
  2. Reforge The Steel
  3. A Slave to the Grind
  4. Black
  5. Second Coming (The Cycle)
  6. Loudwire
  7. After Extinction
  8. The Dragon Reborn (Rebirth)
  9. Protesting for Profit
  10. I am God, The Master of Mankind
  11. Green to Grey
  12. All Hail the Evil One

Unlike the previous live albums, which were crudely mixed and produced by myself, this release will be getting produced by Talon Payne of Gallow Wood Media, rather than a DIY release, and therefore will have top-quality production. The tracks were a mixture from both albums (Reforge The Steel/After Extinction) as well as the first-ever performance of All Hail the Evil One from the Extinction After EP.