Kaine: We have enough material for a new album already – but we are making this record our biggest yet!


Kaine as of right now has enough material for a new album, however the band is continuing to work on additional songs and music for the record to make it the band’s biggest release yet. They are under no pressure to release the album and are looking to deliver as much music as possible for album buyers with the forthcoming record.

Rage Sadler stated that: “We have enough songs for a new album and the material is in good enough shape that we could literally record it tomorrow if we wanted, however with this being our third album we have decided to make it our biggest release yet.

In a time where few people actually go out there and buy a physical album, we are lucky to be one of the few lesser known acts that’s able to sell CD’s and vinyl in fair numbers. With this in mind we want to give those people buying the albums as much quality music for their money as we can deliver.” 

Drummer Chris MacKinnon is equally pleased with the albums development saying that “As the foundations for the new album become stronger and stronger, I feel a genuine sense of unadulterated excitement for the coming months. We, as a band, have evolved dramatically further than I would have even thought possible, crafting new sounds and bringing new ideas to the table in ways I’d have never considered.”

A number of the band’s new songs have already been played live in order to road test them ahead of the actual album record. The songs have been getting rave reviews with many praising the new direction taken with the music.

Rage added that: “We’re basically going to deliver a quality album that offers as much bang for the customers buck as we can squeeze onto the CD. The music is superb and there will definitely be a few surprises on there, no least from both Saxon and Stephen who will make their debut with this release. It’s in many ways a new band now, with only myself and Chris remaining from our Waystone record and it really shows in the new music.

We literally finished another song on Wednesday night that we had been rehearsing that I hope we can do live as soon as possible and we recently added two additional new songs into the set which went down extremely well at our recent shows.”

Chris summarised by saying: “This new album will still be Kaine, but a progression from what our fans and followers will be expecting from us.

We’ve begun to glimpse further into harmonic understanding and using different instruments for particular tonal qualities, such as orchestral movements and naturally-occurring harmonics to boost the tonal range available and make full use of the whole frequency spectrum.To say this album will sound big is an understatement.” 

The band held a meeting at a break in rehearsals on Wednesday to discuss additional options for the new record, as well as track listings, artwork and the possibility of a music video to accompany the release.